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ByTarek Heggy

Myriad reasons accumulate to make most of the modern Egyptian citizens heavily dosed up with localism . At the same time, the same reasons gather to make 'The hue' of universality for the same citizens so minimized ! 

On the one hand , citizens of ancient societies suffered a lot from being foundering in Localism. The 'World' for them was first and foremost their homeland hence the saying goes : 'Egypt is the mother of the World'. On the other hand . Throughout the sixties and Seventies of the twentieth century (symbolically 'the jumping- off place' for the external World owing to the eruption of the Communication Revolution, the downfall of separatives to the isolating barriers between nations and people, the starting ' point of the extension of mass media beyond nations borders and economy following the same array) we had been wading in localism, evading farther communication with the outside world.

Furthermore, our educational curricula had incessantly concentrated on the interior (local history, civilization and literature) in a way contradicting with, for example, education programs in France where the curricula shows a great interest in the history of ancient Egypt, China, and Greco-Roman Civilizations ' an interest equal to its interest in the history of France.

In addition, the establishment of the mass media in Egypt as ' the long arm' of the government and similarly the local newspapers had made the massage of the Egyptian mass media for long years 'A sheer local message' . The discrepancy between our news bulletin and that in many other countries is enough evidence : local news is preponderant, making a clean sweep whereas the news bulletin world ' wide follows and covers events whenever they are .

The growth of the ' relatively backward Ideology in our society had been a grand triumph for 'Localism' at the expenses of the ' Universality' the future of the entire world , most properly, has been witnessing relative shrinkage of 'localism' . This takes place on the economic , cultural, educational and Mass Media spheres .

Consequently, our negligence of the necessity and significance of assiduous scientific research to effect a balance formulae between (localism) and (universality) might make us unable to deal, effectively and positively, with the mechanisms of the new globalized universe.

More than once I have mentioned in my articles and lectures that 'the engine' the institutes, firms and societies are going to rely on is 'the efficient management'. I add ' in this respect ' that the 'Management
(in our case 'bureaucracy') foundering in localism is too crippled to play the game of the future successively and stay ahead of the game . The basis of this game is two ' folded: 

- Effective management (that is, profitable leadership).
- Kaleidoscopic knowledge of the substantial element of the game on the international level.

This is applicable to the economic aspect of societies futurity and the political aspect as well. 


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